Preparing Your Home for Photos
Some would think that to get your home ready for photos, you just have to clean the house, scrubbing every service. This is a good idea, however, preparing your home for photos is more about removing items that will distract a potential buyer from pursuing your home further.

Here is a list of suggestions to get your home looking its best for photos.
  • Please insure that all the lights are on and are in working order.

  • All blinds should be open.

  • Turn ceiling fans off.

  • Remove pet toys, dishes, bedding, gates and kennels if possible.

  • All beds should be made, and bedrooms tidy.

  • Remove any laundry, shoes, papers, etc., that are laying around.

  • Remove personal items from bathroom counter tops such as: toothbrushes, lotions, make-up,

  • Kitchen sink should be empty. Remove any dirty dishes.

  • All trash cans should be out of sight, if possible.

  • Refrigerator doors should be empty, remove any magnets, papers, etc.

  • TV?s turned off.

  • Park cars on the street or inside the garage.

  • Remove any unsightly yard items.
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